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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy

Year 6

D Day

Science Forces an Movement
Changing circuits
RE Communication
History Thematic British study (WW2 D-Day landings)
DT Plan, design and make a landing craft (using cad cam)
Computing We are app planners
We are project managers
Music WW2 Songs
MFL Places in town, sentence building, dates, then and now, adjectives/antonyms


Science Dissolving
Reversible & Irreversible materials
RE Resurrection
Geography Greece
History Ancient Greece
Art Greek Food
DT Great artists and designers
Computing We are app developers
We are marketers
Music Plate smashing music
MFL Restaurant food, regional food, buying an ice cream, ordering food

The Mayans

Science Micro organisms
RE Submission
Geography Where in the world?
History Mayans
DT Diamond Mayan mask
Mayan drum / rattle
Computing We are market researchers
We are interface designers
Music Compose a piece of music for a Mayan dance using the drums
MFL Time, French schools, our school, subjects, school timetables