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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy

Year 4

Anglo Saxons and The Scots

Science Keeping Warm
Living things & their habitats
RE Baptism
History Anglo Saxon and the ScotsTartan - Making kilts
DT Tartan - Making kilts
Computing We are software developers
We are toy designers
Music Traditional Scottish music
MFL French – schools, countries, weather
& numbers


Science Electricity
Gases Around Us
RE Passover
Paschal Candle
Geography Italy
DT Italian Food
Italian Artist Study
Computing We are musicians (unit 4.3)
We are HTML editors (unit 4.4)
Music Opera / Classical
MFL Family, Money, Likes and Dislikes, Toys, Sport, Food

Ancient Egypt

Science Changing Sound
Solids, Liquids and Gas
RE Torah
The Bible
History Ancient Egypt
DT Headdresses
Clay Models
Computing We are co-authors (unit 4.5)
We are meteorologists (unit 4.6)
Music Rhythm Tombs (see old planning)
MFL Animals