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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy

Year 3

Autumn 1
Stone Age to Iron Age

RE Belonging in Judaism
History Stone-Age to Iron-Age Britain
DT Food Technology
Baking Stone-Age Bread
Computing We are Programmers: Animations linked to Hansel & Gretel
Music Recorders
Science Rocks and Soils

Autumn 2
Stone Age to Iron Age

RE Holiness in Christianity
History Stone-Age to Iron-Age Britain
Art Cave Paintings
Computing We are Bug Experts
Music Recorders
Science Using Materials

Spring 1
Local History Study, Portsmouth

RE Jewish Worship: The Synagogue
History Portsmouth
Art Silhouette Portraits
Computing We are Presenters: News and travel guides.
Music Sea Shanties
Song Composition
Science Forces and Magnets

Spring 2
Amazon Rainforest

RE Easter: Sadness to Happiness
Geography Amazon Rainforest
DT Textiles: Rainforest Animal Cushions
Computing We are Network Engineers
Music Rainforest Sounds and Compositions
Science Plants - Helping Plants Grow Well

Summer 1
Rotten Romans

RE Jewish Worship: Purim
History The Roman Empire & its impact on Britain
Art Roman Mosaics
Computing We are Communicators
Music Recorders
Science Light

Summer 2
Rotten Romans

RE Jesus: His teachings and his messages
History Roman Empire’s Impact on Britain
DT Fixtures and Fixings: Building a Roman Trebuchet
Computing We are Opinion Pollsters
Music Italian Composers through time
Science Animals including Humans