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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy

Year 2

Autumn 1
Land Ahoy! Based on 'The Snail and the Whale'

RE Baptism/Belonging
Geography Mapping skills – Forest of Bere compass points.
Oceans and Continents (The Snale and the Whale)
Art Sculpture in nature - clay
Change – Preparing for Turtle Logo
Computing We are astronauts (predict, algorithms, de-bugs)
Music Duration
Science Growing Plants – seeds and bulbs

Autumn 2
Fire! Fire!

RE Angels/messages
History Great Fire of London
Significant event in British History
DT Christmas Card (purposeful, functional and appealing product – sliders, pop up, concertina – link to Angels)
Computing Change- Computer Art
We are games testers (predict, critical thinking)
Music Christmas Production
Science Electricity – brief introduction taught by cover supervisors.

Spring 1
Life in a Castle

RE Holi/Good and bad
History Life in a Castle - Portchester Castle
DT Mechanisms. Castle drawbridge or siege engine wheels/pulleys
Change - Castle Powerpoint
Computing We are photographers (edit and enhance)
Music Symbols and notation. Hairy Scary Castle
Science Uses of everyday materials

Spring 2

RE Easter/changing emotions
Geography Local area fieldwork, human and physical features to compare with the non-European country (Mexico)
DT Food (Mexican)
Change – Programming Turtle Logo and Scratch
Computing We are detectives (email)
Music Mexican samba workshop Pulse and Rhythm
Science Local scientist study – Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Summer 1
Wild Britain

RE Rama and Sita. Divali & the symbol of light.
Art Change – Presentation Skills
Pencil drawing using line shape form.
Computing We are researchers (note taking)
Music Pitch
Science Living things and their habitats–butterfly life cycle

Summer 2
Nautical Nelson

RE Change People Jesus met.
History Nelson – a significant person in British History
Art The work of an artist (seascapes)
Change – using and Applying
Computing We are Zoologists (data charts)
Music Timbre, tempo and dynamics
Science Animals including humans – offspring, basic needs life processes, exercise healthy eating hygiene
What does Wally need?