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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy


The Arundel Court Family

We have a very large staff of over 130 people here at Arundel Court all playing a pivotal role in making a fantastic difference to the lives of the children who come to us.

Find out who is who.

Senior Leaders 

Mrs K Stocks



Mr R Jones


Deputy Headteacher
Assessment & Standards

ICT hardware

Mrs A Cawte


Business Manager

Mrs D Cook


Inclusion Leader & SENCo

Mrs Venugopal


Early Years Leader

Mrs Keable


Key Stage 1 Leader

Mrs Dixon


Key Stage 2 Leader


Class Teachers

Teaching Support Staff (Class based)

Mrs A Venugopal (Senior leader, SLE, Maths & Phase leader)


Mrs K Knight  (including after school clubs)


Mrs C Nightingale


Miss L Hunt


Miss S Begum


Year R 

Class Teachers

Teaching Support Staff (Class based)


Miss T Stephenson






Miss L Murphy





Miss A Muharrem (Music team & Art team)

Miss B Hussey


Mrs H Hussey               


Mrs B Whitbourn


Miss E Thorpe  (Year Leader)


Mrs J Goldberger ( Year Leader)


Miss S Martin




Year 1 

Class Teachers

Teaching Support Staff (Class based)


Mrs C Bincham





Mrs K Smith

Miss W Watson


Mrs Smout



Miss C Reilly (Year Leader)



Mrs S Knight ( Computing team)




Mrs K Tull



Mrs H Hussey



Mrs J Islam





Miss D Avis

Year 2 

Class Teachers

Teaching Support Staff (Class based)


Mrs M Keable (Senior Leader, Phase Leader,  English Leader)




Miss T Massey 



Mrs D Hadley



Mrs L Meggison


Mrs M Keable


Mrs J Lancaster


Mrs S Chester



Miss K Maddison



Mr L Preston

Year 3 

Class Teachers

Teaching Support Staff (Class based)


Mrs J Denford (Year leader)


Miss S Laban  


Miss J Griffiths (1:1)



Mr A Hillman 


Mrs J Daly




Miss L Grant 

Mrs T Richards


Miss J Griffiths 1:1


Year 4 

Class Teachers

Teaching Support Staff (Class based)


Mrs C Armstrong (Year Leader)


Mrs D Weekes (Year Leader)


Mrs G Heseldon


Miss G Griffiths 



Ms T Murphy 


Miss C Evans



Mrs S McGuire


Miss C Smith

Year 5 

Class Teachers

Teaching Support Staff (Class based)


Mr J Schillemore (Year leader)




Mrs L House


Mrs L Roberts (1:1)



Mrs S Rogers


Mrs M Walters

Mrs E Campbell





Mr A Sutch





Mrs W Scourfield







Year 6 

Class Teachers

Teaching Support Staff (Class based)


Mr B Green (Year leader)

Mrs K Perera (Maths Mastery)



Mr A Redman

Mrs K Bowie

Miss L Roberts


Mrs N Brown 


Mr Parrot (Friday in 6NB)


Miss C Boden


Mrs T Cole




Mrs Dixon (Senior Leader, English & Phase Leader)


Mrs N Lewis (am only)

Cover teachers 

Class Teachers

Teaching Support Staff (Class based)

Cover teachers

Mr A Parrott 


Mrs H Pescott 




Cover supervisors

Miss Smith


Mrs C Churcher










Mrs M Cooper





Mrs G Currie (Maternity Leave)

Inclusion Team 


Mrs D Cook (Senior leader, INCo, SENCo)














Mrs Jenni Done (Speech & Language)













Mrs T Campbell (Pastoral Worker, Medical Manager & Attendance)













Mrs A Heather (Pastoral Worker)













Mrs B Tiller (Pastoral Worker & Nurture)

Mr M Denford (Pastoral Worker)











Miss T Cutler (Pastoral Worker)











Mr D Chapman (Pastoral Worker)












Miss L Wells (Pastoral Worker)

Nurture Team 

Mrs D Cook(Senior leader, INCo, SENCo)


Mrs B Tiller (Pastoral Worker & Nurture)


Miss C Chesters (Nurture Support Worker)



 Mr D Cook & Sky (Teaching Assistant) 

School Office Team 

Mrs A Cawte

Senior leader, School Business Manager)

Mrs L Phillimore 

SIMs Manager

Mrs G Moran 

Admin support officer

Mrs J Goodship

Admin support officer

Miss T Signorelli

Admin support officer

Site Team 

Mr M McKnight (Site Manager)












Mr A Avis (Assistant to site manager)





Mrs  McKnight     Ms McLean       Mrs Miller     Mrs Jarvie     Mrs Thompson

ICT Support Team 


Mr A Marks (IT Technician)






Miss T McCarrick (IT Technician)


SENIOR Midday Supervisor 

Mrs M Miller




Mrs Miller   Mrs Davies   Mrs Kneller   Mrs Jarvie   


Mrs Branco   Miss Carroll   Mrs Mckeon   


Mrs Smout



Ms Green   Mrs Richards   Miss Youseman


Mrs Thompson   Miss Lucas   Miss Clarke


Mr Preston

School Catering team 

ISS Catering services

Local Governing Body 

Revd Charlotte Hetherington

Chair of Governors

Mrs L Morgan (vice chair)

Mrs K Stocks (HT)

Mrs J Lancaster

Mr M Fray


Mr R Jones (DHT)

Miss T Stephenson

Mrs C Wildey