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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy

School Times

School Times


Drop of times 

We have a 'soft start' to the school day. This means we will be opening the two double gates on Northam Street at 08.40am for all children, they will be closing these at 8.55am. Please note that children from Year 1 to Year 6 will be expected to come into the school grounds and then straight to class by themselves. Children will be greeted at the gate by school staff. This could be staff from the pastoral team, senior leaders, class teacher or teaching assistants. This arrangement is in place to keep the children safe. There are too many doors to be supervised, and we can not have parents or strangers entering the school building unsupervised. However, we do understand that for some children this could be daunting. Please speak to a member staff or the class teacher. We will do our best to support your child during this transition period. Year R parents will be allowed to bring their children in and leave them at the classroom door as these are our youngest children and for some of them this could be their first experience of school life.
The morning register will be taken at 9.00am. Please do not be late. If the gates are closed head towards the school office.

Pick up times 

Year R -

Pickup at 3.00 from classroom door

Year 1- 

Pickup at 3.00 from classroom door.

Year 2-

Pickup at 3.10 from outside reception classes.

Year 3-

Pickup at 3.10 from Year 1 classroom door.

Year 4-

Pickup at 3.15

· 4AW- Staircase 1

· 4TD- Staircase 2

· 4LG- Main hall

Year 5 and 6-

Leave at 3.20 independently or arrange a meeting point with parent/carer outside of school site.