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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy

Religious Education

Curriculum Statement- Religious Education (R.E) at Arundel Court


At Arundel Court we are privileged to have such a wide and diverse range of cultures and beliefs. Through our teaching of R.E. we want to expose the children to the idea that although we are all different we all have commonalities within us all. Through the teaching of concepts, we are introducing the children to how we all might be the same and then how some people might see the world differently. As the children progress through the school we build on the concepts to develop a more religious understanding of why and how certain faiths embrace different beliefs.

Christianity is at the forefront of our curriculum and we have strong links with our church community. Bearing in mind our diverse community we also teach Hinduism in KS1 and Judaism and Islam in KS2.

We want our children to always accept the differences in the world around us and how we can find similarities in many parts of our lives and of religious lives.


We follow the Hampshire syllabus -Living difference, which follows the idea of teaching different religious ideas through concepts. To ensure that the building blocks are secure for the children as they move through the school the staff ensure they plan using the whole school concept grid. The specific teaching of concepts over time ensures a clear and concise order of learning. The teachers often teach R.E. on a weekly basis and build on the previous learning week by week.

R.E. has strong links in our local community even more so during this time. We are showing the community that we are still here celebrating with them. We do this through our displays at St. Faith’s church. We have remembered the fallen through our remembrance art work and will celebrate the joy of Advent by creating a display of light for the community to see.


Through our teaching and community engagement we hope that the children:

Will develop a clear understanding of the concepts and how this can be seen in their own lives. They will also have knowledge of how these ideas can be developed in to religious ideas and beliefs. We want our children to embrace the diversity of the community in which we live and that differences can also highlight our similarities.