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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy

Our Staff

The Arundel Court Academy Team

We have a very large staff of over 130 people here at Arundel Court Academy. 

Find out who is who.

 Senior Leadership Team-

 Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Leader

Ms R Worswick


Deputy Headteachers


Mrs K Dixon

Key Stage 2, English, Assessment & Standards 


Mrs A Venugopal 

GDPR, Early Years. Key Stage 1, Maths, Assessment & Standards 

SENco + Inclusion Lead + Designated Safeguarding Leader 

Mrs D Cook

Safeguarding lead

Designated Teacher for LAC

Business Manager

Mrs A Cawte


Nursery Manager  

Mrs J Goldberger

Nursery Nurses

Mrs C Nightingale

Miss L Hunt

Miss J Shutt

Miss T Bowler

Mrs L Owen



Mrs E Thorpe (Class Teacher & Year Leader)

Miss B Whitbourn (Mon, Tues, Wed  AM)

Miss  C Hammerton (Wed, Thurs, Fri)


Mrs C Bincham (Class Teacher) 

Mrs K Knight


Miss I Keller (Class Teacher)

Mrs H McKeon

Additional SEND Support

Mrs H Hussey (AM)

Year 1-


Mrs C Johnson (Class Teacher and Year Leader)

Ms H Scott 

Miss L Murphy


Mrs K Sanders (Class Teacher)

Miss S Martin


Mrs S Mcguire (Class Teacher)

Mrs K Tull

Additional SEND Support

Mrs J Lancaster

Miss G Griffiths 

Miss T Peck

Miss A Yuen

Year 2-


Miss K Maddison (Class Teacher and Year Leader)

Miss E Muharrem (Monday)

Miss D Sousa


Miss G Mook (Class Teacher)

Mrs D Hadley


Mrs T Pickett (Class Teacher)

Mrs C Lane-Smith

Additional SEND Support

Mrs J Lancaster

Miss M Webster

Additional Recovery Teacher

Miss E Muharrem (Tuesday to Thursday)

Year 3-


Mrs C Wildey (Class Teacher and Year Leader)

(Mon, Tues, Wed)

Mrs M Walters (Class Teacher and Year Leader)

(Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Miss S Begum


Mr A Hillman (Class Teacher)

Miss W Watson 


Miss C Jackson (Class Teacher)

Mrs T Richards

Additional SEND Support Mrs M Smout

 Year 4-

4AW Mrs C Armstrong (Class Teacher and Year Leader)

(Mon, Tues, Wed)

Mrs D Weekes (Class Teacher and Year Leader)

(Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Mrs K Perera


Miss L Grant (Class Teacher)

Miss C Evans


Mr T Dugan (Class Teacher)

Mr J Chesters

Additional SEND Support

Mrs W Scourfield

Miss A McAvery

Mrs S Price

Year 5- 


Mr B Green (Class Teacher and Year Leader)

Mrs S Chesters 


Miss I Lavina(Class Teacher)

Miss C Boden (Mon, Tues)

Mrs K Bowie (Weds, Thurs, Fri)


Mrs Bex Miller (Class Teacher)

(Mon, Tues)

Mrs Jo Denford (Class Teacher)

(Weds, Thurs, Fri)

Mrs E Campbell (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)

Miss S Goddard (Weds)

Additional SEND Support

Miss A Edney

Miss S Laban

Year 6- 


Mrs N Brown (Class Teacher and Year Leader)

Mrs C Ross 


Mr A Redman (Class Teacher)

Miss S Goddard

Mrs G Hesledon


Miss H Long (Class Teacher)

Miss C Smith

Additional SEND Support

Mrs C Mcphee

Additional Recovery Teacher Mrs S McAvery 

Cover Team-

Cover Teachers

Mr A Parrott


Cover Supervisors

Miss K Smith

Mrs M Cooper

Mrs L House

Mrs E Cripps

Phonics Lead-

Phonics Lead Mrs H Scott
Phonics Intervention Support Mrs E Cripps 



Mrs G Currie

Inclusion Team-

SENCO Mrs D Cook (Senior Leader, SENCo, INCo, Designated Teacher for LAC)
Pastoral Team

Miss T Cutler (Pastoral Worker)

Mrs B Tiller (Pastoral Worker & Nurture)

Miss L Wells (Pastoral Worker)

Mr D Chapman (Pastoral Worker)

Mrs J Done (Speech & Language)

School Admin Team-

Business Manager Mrs A Cawte (Senior Leader)
SIMs Manager Mrs L Phillimore
Admin Support Officers

Mrs G Moran

Mrs N Lewis

Mrs N McKnight

Medical Manager & Attendance Mrs T Campbell

Mr B Sandford (Drift)

 Site Team-

Site Manager Mr M McKnight
Assistant to Site Manager

Mr L Phipps

Mr B Coughlan


Miss K Thomson

Ms K McLean

Miss T Cutler

Mrs C Jarvie

Mrs M Miller


Lunch Team-

Senior Midday Supervisor Mrs M Miller
Midday Supervisors

Mrs B Davies   

Mrs J Kneller   

Mrs C Jarvie   

Mrs L Carroll    

Mrs K Thompson   

Ms G Green   

Mrs K McLean

Mrs A Steele

Mrs C Smith


Chair of Governors Revd C Hetherington

Mrs K Dixon (IHT)

Mrs A Venugopal (IHT)

Dr S Smith

Mr B Green

Mr P Shone

Mrs A Steele

Mrs S Latif

Mrs N McKnight (Clerk to Governors)