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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy

Our School Values

Our values are embedded within our school and our curriculum.

For example:

To have high expectations means... that the quality of work that children produce should be of the highest quality and the lessons that our staff deliver should be the best we can give.

To be safe means... that the learning environment should be welcoming, purposeful and safe where children are able to learn and staff and are to teach, without worry. 

 To be part of a team means... that staff work together to offer the children an exciting and purposeful curriculum and children are given opportunities to develop their skills as team players. A lifelong skill.  

To be respectful means...that children and staff learn to respect one another and this is embedded within our curriculum using for example SEAL and PSHE. 

To be included means... that every child matters. We include every child within every lesson no matter what language, culture or ability they may have or be. We differentiate accordingly. 

To be independent means...that every child has opportunities for independent learning and is given the resources and the environment to do so. 

This is just a snapshot of our values within our lessons.

Signing up to our values within our teaching and learning environment will enable our children to be lifelong learners and great citizen