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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy


Autumn 1
Starting School & Amazing Me!

PSED Class rules and routines
Understanding the World All about me, my family and my friends
My School
Expressive Arts Self portraits
My favourite colour
Singing familiar songs and rhymes
Imaginative play based on real

Autumn 2
Twinkle Little Star and Christmas

PSED Celebrations
Respecting the cultures of others
Understanding the World Season
Exploring using our senses
Finding out about other cultures and the different celebrations
Materials and their properties
– Shiny materials
Expressive Arts Painting and patterns
Music – Learning new songs for Christmas performance
Imaginative play – new experience

Spring 1
Nursery Rhymes and Traditional Tales

PSED Keeping safe – Stranger danger!
Understanding the World Simple mapping skills
Using my senses - change of state
Scientific investigation e.g. Why could we not put Humpty together again?
Expressive Arts Puppets and collage
Percussion instruments – Loud and quiet
Imaginative play – New experience

Spring 2
What a Wonderful World Tales

PSED Caring for living things and our environment
Understanding the World New life
Classifying and sorting animals
Expressive Arts 3D models and sculptures
Music – Familiar songs and rhymes
Imaginative play – based on personal experiences

Summer 1 

PSED Respecting other’s views and cultures
Understanding the World Season
Exploring personal interests
Expressive Arts Clay and Texture
Learning new songs
Percussion instruments – Rhythm

Summer 2
Seaside and Keeping Fit

PSED Keeping healthy
Understanding the World My local environment
Making healthy choices – sorting food
Expressive Arts Seaside art and texture
Seaside music
Imaginative play – new experience