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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy


Curriculum Statement- Maths at Arundel Court


To deliver a curriculum:

  • That follows the Ready – To Progress document to ensure children are secure in the priortised statements
  • To bridge the gaps in learning from the disruption of lockdowns
  • That is enjoyable and purposeful in order to develop independent, happy mathematicians.
  • That recognises that maths underpins much of our daily lives in order that children aspire to be successful in their next stages of learning. 
  • That creates opportunities for pupils to make connections across mathematical ideas in order to develop fluency, reasoning and competence in problem solving.
  • That is in line with the expectations in the National Curriculum following a mastery curriculum approach.


We follow the National Curriculum and use the White Rose Maths Mastery schemes of work as a guide to support teachers with their planning and assessment. Each year group has a long term overview and progression of skills document based on these materials.

We have developed a school calculation policy that is used to ensure a consistent approach to teaching the four operations over time.

Children are taught through first quality teaching and clear modelling. They have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts. The mastery scheme incorporates the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to help children explore and demonstate mathematical ideas and deepen understanding.

Children move through stages of learning at their own pace. Children with a deeper understanding are challenged through greater depth activities. If children require additional support, they may receive this through teachers providing scaffolding or independent activities.

Daily assessment informs the teaching and learning sequence. Assesment has shown that in certain year groups gaps are more significant due to lockdown therefore additional support is being provided. A catch up programme is in place with pre and post teaching, after school booster groups and thirdspace learning tuition in upper KS2.

The mastery approach is being delivered in YR with a three year strategis plan to roll out across all year groups.


  • Children show confidence and can independently apply their mathematical skills.
  • Children demonstrate recall and fluency of number facts.
  • Children will show flexibility and fluidity to move between different contexts and representations in maths.
  • Children can use mathematical language to explain their ideas.
  • Children show resilience when reasoning and problem solving.
  • Children can use their mathematical knowledge and skills across a range of curriculum subjects and real-life contexts.