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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy


Curriculum Statement- Geography at Arundel Court

Here at Arundel Court Primary Academy we are proud of our strong sense of community in our local area. As a school our Geography curriculum aims to provide every child with the opportunity to extend their horizons far beyond our local area of Portsmouth in order for them to understand the wider world that they will grow up in.


Together, we intend to enrich the curiosity and fascination that exists in every child by introducing them to a rich diversity of places and people from around the globe. Processes within Geography will allow our children to deepen their understanding of both human and physical processes that occur worldwide as well as their impact on our planet. In order to achieve this the children will develop a bank of key geographical tools and skills that allow them to access, interpret and use geographical information from a range of sources in order to enhance their locational and place knowledge.


  • Our key aims are for the children to develop their locational knowledge of the world’s countries using maps and concentrating on their environmental regions along with key physical and human characteristics.

  • Understand geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography.

  • Be immersed in studies of physical geography by learning about: rivers, mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes and the water cycle.

  • Human geography studies will allow the children to discover more about types of settlement and land use, economic activity and the distribution of natural resources.

  • Become competent in a range of geographical skills to enable children to build upon their knowledge of the United Kingdom and wider world.


In order to achieve these aims and intentions, Arundel Court will take our children on a journey across the world throughout their time here. Geography at Arundel Court is engaging and exciting whilst it also provides key life skills for our children and strengthens their understanding of our amazing but complex world. There will be an assessment at the beginning and end of each unit in order to see the children’s progression and learning. Our children will ignite their curiosity and open their minds and interests to discover more about local and world geography through their learning and first hand experiences.