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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy

Creative Arts-Music, Art, DT & Performing Arts

Curriculum Statement- Creative Arts at Arundel Court.


At Arundel Court Primary Academy School, we value children’s individual creative achievements as an integral part of their entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. In our Creative Arts (music, art, DT & performing arts) subjects we provide our children with first-hand and practical opportunities to express their individual interests, thoughts and ideas both ‘beyond Landport’ and in school.


The teaching and implementation of the Creative Arts at Arundel Court Primary Academy School is planned in line with the National Curriculum and EYFS Framework. The Creative Arts are either taught in blocked units or weekly, dependent on need or topic area

We plan and deliver an enriched curriculum from various times and cultures that is accessible and inclusive to all students. The Creative Arts subjects are planned with cross-curricular opportunities that enable children to be creative, resilient, independent and each enjoy their own personal inspired journey throughout their time at Arundel Court.

Within Music we follow the Charanga Music scheme, which provides weekly lessons and a progression of skills for each year group to follow. For example: In Reception the children are exposed to some musical terms such as beat, rhythm and pulse, that is then built upon throughout the key stages and leads to more explicit teaching of musical instruments (e.g. within Year 5 where they are having Ukulele lessons).

Likewise, within Art and DT, we have our own progression of skills document based on the children’s prior knowledge and skills. In the early years, children are provided with and encouraged to explore materials and methods before being taught more advanced technical language and skills as they move up through the school. We nurture the children’s curiosity and encourage their own artistic interest through experiencing a variety of different artists and designers, techniques and skills (e.g. Year 2 explore pointillism whilst Year 5 cover South American art).

The children bring creative art into the community by making display work, performing songs and poetry in local settings and entering competitions that are often linked to current affairs and occasions. We have initiated an ‘Arts and Culture Record’ which will follow each child throughout Primary school and allow them to record and track their experiences and achievement in the Creative Arts such as listening to or performing in a concert and visiting an art gallery or museum. This supports our ethos of ‘Life beyond Landport’. 


By the end of Key Stage 2, children are clear about what the intended outcomes are and can apply their own creativity, using this to explore and discuss the styles of other artists that may inspire their own work. The children will demonstrate a reflective approach and be able to evaluate their own and each other’s work.

To support teacher assessment, the children will have evidence of the creative arts skills they have learnt within:

  • Reception – Tapestry
  • KS1 – Topic books
  • KS2 – Art books

Teachers use this information to inform future lessons; ensuring children are supported and challenged appropriately. Whilst the Arts and Culture Record will evidence how the children have been immersed in the curriculum.

Additionally, the school environment celebrates children’s achievements in the creative arts, while classroom displays reflect a sense of pride in their creative work.