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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy


Curriculum Statement- Computing at Arundel Court


At Arundel Court, we aim to equip the children for an everchanging digital world. Our children will gain knowledge and skills of a wide range of technology in a way that will enhance their learning opportunities through creativity and cross curricular learning. In addition, children will become competent in safely using a variety of technology whilst being aware of the risks that are involved when using digital platforms. By doing this, we will enhance the children’s knowledge and understanding to support them both at home and for their future.


Through following the NCCE Teach Computing curriculum, our children will be taught an in-depth coverage of the National Curriculum objectives. This will be supported by the teaching of the following 4 strands: computing systems and networks, creating media, data and information, and programming. These are revisited in every academic year to ensure the learning is embedded and the progression of skills is clear. E-Safety will be implemented through following the National Online Safety scheme. This framework is intended to be used in order to support learning that is matched to the children’s awareness of current online safety issues. Year on year, children will be taught to live knowledgeably, responsibly and safely in a digital world. In addition to this, all online safety procedures are communicated with all staff and parents through our whole school approach.


The implementation of this curriculum ensures that when children leave Arundel Court, they will be equipped with all of the skills they require to be confident and safe users of technology, with an understanding of how it works.