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Arundel CourtPrimary Academy

Project Poppy!

Arundel Court remember!

Q.What inspired this poppy-making project? 

A. As part of our curriculum we dedicate a week each term to a particular topic. This term we all, as a whole school,  decided to focus on Respect & British Values using Remembrance as our hook.  We wanted all the children to understand the true meaning of Remembrance Day and we came up with the idea of making Poppies across the school, including art clubs. The poppies will then be displayed all over our school field on Friday 10th November during our Remembrance Service using the idea of the Tower of London display from 2014. 

Q. Did the children have a good time getting involved  - what did they enjoy about it? 

A. The children had a great time making something that will have a big impact on the field that the whole school are involved in. Our Lower School Council also made poppies to sell to the public and they raised a good amount of money! 

Q. How would you describe the final results? 

A. The results are fantastic. All are different, some are big, some are small but they are all  for one purpose. To remember. 

Q. What will happen with the poppies now? 

A. Our school field will be filled with over 550 red poppies, all varied, all handmaid by the children.